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When Two Passions Collide

emma sr 2015 (200 of 1)If you’ve read some previous blog entries, its no secret that I am a huge supporter of people who work in education. As a parent of two children in the public school system, I feel like we are usually on the taking side of the give and take relationship. One of my pet peeves is that teachers where I live are not properly compensated nor are they given the supplies they need to do their jobs (think paper, pencils— the basics). When I hear that every teacher has to spend their personal money to support their classroom, I get annoyed. I always ask what sort of supplies our teachers or schools need and I step up as often as I can.

I recently learned of some teachers who support their classrooms not only with consumable goods but also they support the needs of their students through food and clothing. I know teachers who do this for one or two students but these teachers do it for the majority of their students. Talk about paying it forward, they pay it forward daily without thinking about it.

I love when two of my passions collide: photography, and paying it forward to educators.  I offered this photo shoot and, in return my client offered without hesitation to donate to teachers who pay in forward daily with their time, patience, support and personal finances. THANK YOU, to my awesome client for feeding and clothing students so the teachers can take a short break from doing this themselves. Here are a few additional sneak peeks from this fun senior photo shoot…

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This young lady is so smiley, it was a challenge to capture a more serious expression to match the mood of this light.

emma sr portrait 15 (223 of 27)

Challenge for today: you probably pay it forward without knowing it, take a minute to learn how you do this. You don’t have to spend money to spread kindess…a simple smile can reassure someone, taking the trash to the curb can be a relief to someone with a hectic schedule. Opportunities to be kind are everywhere.