Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling, documenting events or photojournalism are my passion.

I want to work with you to express your passion for causes near to your heart that you feel need public awareness. Visual storytelling can also be a healing process for emotional and physical pain. Creating a visual journal of events can help you heal by seeing what you have experienced. Often people with medical or mental illness feel empowered at the completion of our photo project because they see how much they have endured and survived.

Some examples of visual storytelling sessions that I have completed include working with:

  1. families experiencing pediatric cancers to show what physical procedures children endure
  2. families and individuals to create suicide prevention awareness
  3. special needs children and families

Our first step for visual storytelling will be to meet and discuss your topic and what you want to communicate. We will agree upon how to best communicate your ideas through photography. Depending on the cause and your story, we will meet anywhere from one to five times to document your story.

Once we agree to work together to tell your story,  you will sign an agreement that permits me to use your photos as part of an online portfolio or art shows at local art centers and museums, in the context that we created the photos. In exchange, I will provide you with the high resolution Jpeg images for personal use within one month of the end of our final meeting at not cost to you.