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HI! Welcome to my new photography site!

I have been an active photographer for five years, and the owner of Jo’s PhotoMojo, a family photography business where it was my preference to work with special needs families. In addition, some of my favorite sessions were those where I worked with clients to visually express concepts to increase social awareness for causes that are often under-represented or ignored.  I closed my business in 2014 to pursue my interests practicing the pay it forward philosophy through my work and actively demonstrate this quality to my children. Tt is my belief that investing yourself in others will always lead to a better spirit and community. I wish to use my work to lead by example of how giving to others will ultimately allow you to give to yourself and create a better world.

Some of my first experiences with photography were in college where we photographed human chromosomes and viruses. I wont comment on whether it was digital or analog because I don’t want to give away my age. 🙂 In graduate school I used digital photography to document my Biotechnology research in the specialties of Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell Therapy.

Having a child with very unique special needs is what gave me the idea to work with the special needs population. Photo sessions are stressful, but even more so for families with special needs. Concerns about the photographer’s ability to relate to their family, patience and worry for how the family members will act during sessions are heightened in this particular population.

I have two cool, crazy-fun, moody and awesome kids who are my inspiration. I am more than grateful to my husband of 13 years or so, without whom this project might not receive the time that it deserves. And we have five furry, sweet rats. I have a Starbucks and Diet Coke habit–don’t hold that against me. 🙂

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