Childhood Depression

Hi, My name is T. I am 12 years-old. I love to read, write and help others. My favorite food is cupcakes. My story starts in a dark place but be patient because I am going to show you how I survived myself and found hope. I want all kids to know that no matter how angry, sad or anxious you feel, there is hope and I am proof of that.

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Last July, I hit rock bottom. I was the angriest I’ve ever felt. I kicked holes in my walls to feel better. Things were so bad I thought about killing myself.

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I thought there was no other way to escape my problems other than to hurt myself. I kept a journal. I drew gory pictures, I cursed at myself, drew a bloody knife and myself laying on the ground…dead. Finally, I showed this journal to my Mom.


My Mom and Dad took me to see my therapist. That was the day my life changed forever. This darkness was going to end.

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I was admitted to the hospital for ten days where I learned techniques to deal with my depression. I learned that I have better choices available to me to cope with my feelings.  I met friends for the first time and I felt truly happy. Over those ten days, I learned the most valuable lesson: there is HOPE.

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I could not believe I was away from home for so long. I missed my sister and my parents so much. I was happy to be back home with them.

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There is hope. Please believe me. If you are feeling sad, depressed, anxious, or want to die, PLEASE, tell your parents or a caring adult. This feeling won’t last forever. If you feel there is no one to talk to who cares, call the National Suicide Hotline: 1800-784-2433, 911 or local to NC call 919-250-7111.  If you wait, it will be too late.

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Hang in there with me. I will be back to show you how I cope and stay on top of my feelings! My family will also share how they coped with my depression. We all want other families to know that while the struggle is real, you are not alone.