How It Works

To be considered for a “Pay It Forward” session, please submit your request* in email with any of the following information:

1. Evidence of regular occasions where you initiate “pay it forward” type attitude. Examples may include supporting those in need either financially or with your time. Evidence will be required

2. You can nominate someone who you see paying it forward or demonstrating kindness regularly to you or someone you know.

3. You want to bring social awareness to an issue important to you.

4. Your family is experiencing a terminal illness and you would like to capture family photos or document disease progression.

*Each request will be considered individually. Photo sessions are limited to my schedule availability. Not all requests will be approved and decisions are at the sole discretion of the photographer.

*Not all requests may be approved and requests are subject to photographer availability.

*Approval may require evidence of your pay it forward or random acts of kindness acts; In person or phone interviews or references.

If approved, you will receive a photo session and revived fully edited digital images with permission to reprint for personal use. To recieve the digital files, You will be required to show evidence of the mutually agreed upon “pay it forward” deeds or donate $500 to a mutually agreed upon cause.


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