How do I book a family photo session?

If you would like to book a family photo session, please contact me via email (link to the right).

Photo sessions include my time on location with your family and a collection of high resolution Jpeg images with permission to reprint for personal enjoyment. These are a $500 value. *Commercial usage will require additional consideration and permission.

In exchange for your photo session and images, your will need to select from the following means of payment:
1.  Complete a mutually agreed upon number of random acts of kindness.
2. Make a donation up to $500 to a local family in need. Recipients will need to be mutually agreed upon.
3. Make a donation of an iPad or other educational needs to local, agreed upon  teachers.

Once you have selected and complete Paying It Forward, you will receive a link and a password to download your photos.

Sessions are subject to availability. Priority will be given to those interested in Visual Storytelling to promote public awareness of personal interests and clients with special medical and/or emotional needs.