Recipients of Paying It Forward

You can apply to be a recipient of a donation from You’re It Photography. To qualify send an email to You’re It! Photography by clcking the “email Jo” link at the right of the page. I will respond with an application for you to submit. Professional or personal references may be required.

Qualified recipients include but are not limited to:

1. You may have a financial need, or you are going through a difficult time or need some support, an examples would include but are not limited to needing help to put food on your family’s table, you have travel expenses for medical needs.

2. You may be a teacher or work in education and request material supplies. These requests must be very specific, such as book titles, specific electronic media, school supplies, etc. You will be required to submit a website and item numbers for desired supplies.

3. You may be an organization that is using photography to raise money for a charity or family.

*Selection of recipients will be subject to the availability of You’re It! Photography clients willing to participate in the donation program and is the sole discretion of You’re It! Photography.

*Not all requests will be accommodated.